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Rice Mill Plant
  • 300-500T/D Rice Mill Plant
    Turnkey and design 300-500T/D Rice Mill Plants according to your different need, long service lift and enhanced durability
  • 200T/D Rice Mill Plant
    This 200T/D rice mill plant is a large customized rice processing plant. It contains paddy rice cleaner machine, rice huller machine, rice mill machine, rice polisher machine, rice color sorter machine, etc.
  • 100T/D Rice Mill Plant
    This 100T/D Rice Mill Plant is a large capacity rice mill processing production line which contains full set rice processing machines like the rice mill machine, paddy rice cleaner machine, rice destoner machine, etc.
  • <b>60T/D Rice Mill Plant</b>
    This 60T/D automatic working Rice Mill Prodution Line is a middle size rice mill plant. It can deal with paddy rice from first cleaning it to finally get the white rice and pack them.
  • <b>40T/D Rice Mill Plant</b>
    This complete Rice Mill Plant, is one of the modern rice mill machinery which contains rice mill machine, rice huller, dust catcher, cleaning destoner machine, paddy rice separator machine, rice polisher, rice color sorter, etc.
  • <b>30T/D Modern Design Rice Mill Plant</b>
    This 30TPD Rice Mill Plant is a continuous working rice mill project. It can combine the functions of clean the paddy rice, remove the stone, and mill, packing the white rice in one.
  • 30T/D Rice Mill Plant
    This automatic complete 30ton rice milling production line is a new popular design rice mill machine, it is widely used in small rice processing factory
  • <b>25T/D Modern Rice Mill Plant</b>
    This 25T Rice Mill Plant is our new design automatic mini rice mill. It is based on the mini rice mill production line and clients' feedback.
  • 25T/D Combined Rice Mill Plant
    This HMTCP-25 Rice Mill Plant is also called rice processing machine, which can can deal with 25ton paddy rice one day.
  • 15TPD Modern Design Rice Mill Plant
    This 15TPD Modern Design Auto Rice Mill Plant is a small rice mill project with economical design and high technical skills.
  • 15T/D Rice Mill Plant
    This HMTCP15 Mini Rice Mill Plant is a complete auto rice mill machine with economical design and high technical skills.
  • 10T/D Mini Rice Mill Plant
    This 10T/D Mini Rice Mill Plant is a customized complete rice processing machines with rice destoner machine, rice mill machine, rice grader machine, etc.
  • Parboiled Rice Mill Plant
    Our turnkey parboiled rice mill plant can help you from paddy to bagging, including paddy intake, paddy cleaning, paddy parboiling, color sorting, etc