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15T/D Rice Mill Plant for Senegal Customers
Our customers from Senegal had the great interests on our rice mill plant when saw the pictures and videos, after our sales introduction our machine in details, they decided to come to our factory to seed the rice mill machine, then decide which they will buy.

mini rice mill for senegal
First, our manager and sales take them to visit and check our rice mill plant, our rice mill plant contain different capacities, from 10T to 200Ton/day. The rice mill plant almost concludes the following rice mill machines: rice destoner, rice huller, paddy rice separator, emery roller rice mill machine, iron roller rice mill machine and the broken white rice grader. Our engineer showed them how our machine works, and they were very pleased with it, they will buy the 15TPD rice mill plant!

rice processing plant for Senegal
This MTCP15 Mini Rice Mill Plant is a small auto rice mill machine with economical design and high technical skills. It is a complete rice processing plant contains rice de-stoner machine, rice huller machine, paddy rice separator machine, rice mill machine, broken rice grader machine. Besides, it uses the elevator to connect them and to make the whole line complete and automatic working. And, the rice color sorter, rice polisher, and rice packing machine can be added according to the client’s needs.
For this 15ton per day mini rice mill machine, it can make continue work. The users just feed the paddy into the hopper then operate the machine with the control box for different machine work is Ok. High working efficiency automatic working compact structure easy to operate and maintain.  

automatic rice mill for senegal

15TPD Mini Rice Mill Plant Structure
(1) paddy rice separator (2) single elebator (3) double elevator (4) combine cleaner destoner machine (5) rice grader machine (6) rice mill machine (7) rice huller machine (8) feed hopper

rice mill plant for Segenal
Hongjia Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. Was established in the year 2000, it is a professional manufacturer and exporter of rice mill machine, rice processing machines, rice mill plant, rice mill production line, and parboiled rice mill plant. We can provide unique overall layout design of rice milling machine production line, customized rice milling machine products and installation services according to different needs of customers and site conditions. It integrates technology, manufacturing and sales together.
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