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TQSX Gravity Destoner

This gravity rice destoner machine is one of the rice mill equipment mainly used in rice mill plants to remove the heavier impurities materials mixed stones that are the same as the grain. This machine has an air-pressure meter to monitor the air pressure in the air-suction chamber, it has a light which can help check the movements of the inside material. 

TQSX Series Gravity Classified Destoner Introduction

This TQSX series gravity de-stoner machine is a suction gravity stone-removing machine that works with the suction and gravity principle used in the rice processing plant. It can make the whole working environment clean and safe. For the out separated impurities dust, there are working wind blowers that can collect them inside with the suction wind function so that they can be easy to be collected. 


And for this de-stoner machine is mainly used in flour mill factories, rice mill plant factories, the oil press processing factories, to clean the grains like paddy rice, wheat, corn, rapeseed, oilseed, peanut, soybeans, and some other materials same like these pellet grains, to clean their inside impurities and stones outside. Besides being used in the production line, it can also work as a single machine for users to use to clean their materials. 

This gravity-classified de-stoner machine is a professional cleaning machine, with a simple structure, and multifunction that can deal with various model materials, with high working efficiency, and low power consumption, and is easy to operate, and use. 


TQSX Suction Vibration Destoner Working Principle

TQSX Suction Vibration Destoner utilizes the property that the grains and the mixed stone are of different specific weights and suspension speeds as well as the airflow that is blown upward through the grains, the machine keeps heavy impurity at the lower layer and uses a screen to force the material and impurity to move in different directions, thus separating the two of them.

TQSX Suction Vibration Destoner Features

1. This machine adopts a vibration motor drive, compact structure, stable mechanical properties, and stable operation.

2. Double-layer sieve structure, good stone effect, large yield, the stone contains less grain.

3. Fully enclosed structure, no dust outside, the wind pressure can be adjusted, and there is a negative pressure display device.

4. Equipped with a throttle valve to adjust the air volume and wind pressure, the pressure gauge is used to indicate the wind pressure.

5. With a long-life fluorescent lighting system, easy to observe.


TQSX Destoner Machine Technical Parameter

For the gravity-classified de-stoner machine, we have different models with different capacities to be suitable for different clients' needs, also if clients have special requirements for the machines, we can customize them for you.

Air blow(m3/h)7500-95009000-12000