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Working Principle of The Rice Stone Removing Machine


The specific gravity de-stoner machine is one of the cleaning equipment in the rice mill. It can remove more than 95% of tones, glass fragments, and metals that proportion larger than that of rice and whose particle size is similar to that of rice.


The rice destoner machine is based on the specific gravity of rice and sand the characteristics of the suspension speed incompatibility and uses the inclined screen surface with certain movement characteristics and the wind through the scale holes of the screen surface to separate the grains and stones.


When the rice de-stoner machine is working, the rice is evenly guided into the middle of the inclined stone removing the sieve surface by the slotting trough, and the grain is subjected and classified by the airflow sprayed from the sieve holes, and the light grain floats on the upper layer, and the heavy stones mixed with rice seeds sunk below, the screen surface reciprocates. The stones that sink on the bottom screen surface are pushed by the protruding edges of the screen holes and the resulting movement inertia makes the foot move towards The upper part of the screen moves into the selection room. In the selection room, the material is subjected to the effect of the reverse air blowing at the rear, so that the grains mixed in the stones are separated again and blown back, and the stones fall into the stone outlet and are excluded from the machine.


 The grains floating on the top are moved down along the inclined direction of the screen surface driven by the continuous feeding rice flow and discharged from the main outlet at the front end. Because the specific gravity stone removing machine is mainly used to remove side stones in rice, it is not suitable for removing large or light impurities. Therefore, in the process of rice processing, it should be installed in the latter part of the cleaning process. It is the pure grain that has undergone the initial clearing, rather than the mixed, large, medium, and light wood grain.


 The effect of the stone removal machine has a great impact on the quality of the finished rice of the entire rice processing technology. If the effect of the technology is not good, and the stone removal is not clean, which not only causes great damage to the equipment of hulling, and rice milling but also greatly reduces the purity and quality of the finished product and affects people's use.


 Destone Process Effect Analysis
If the flow rate of the stone removal machine is too large or too small, the stone removal efficiency will be reduced. If the flow rate is too small, the screen surface material is too thin, and it is easy to be broken (or blown through) by the airflow, and even mud blocks are also blown up. The air volume is seriously unevenly distributed on the screen surface, resulting in unclear separation. If the grain size is large, the grain layer is thick, and the sand and gravel (especially mud) and grains are not sufficiently classified, which will also reduce the effect of stone removal. Therefore, the control of the flow rate should be compatible with the rated output of the equipment and the characteristics of the sand and gravel contained in the raw grain.


The adjustment of the air volume of the stone remover is also very important; under certain other conditions, the air volume of the stone remover can be judged according to the state of the movement of the material on the screen and the quality of the export material. When the air volume is too large, the screen surface material is floating, and even "blowing through" and "foaming" situations may occur.


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