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Rice Packing Machine

For this automatic rice packing machine, it is a multifunctional packing machine with weighting, packing, and sealing function as a whole, a very convenient and economical machine used in the rice mill production line. 

Automatic Rice Packing Machine Introduction

For this model, the DCS rice package machine is professionally used for packing various kinds of pellet materials like millet, rice, sugars, or others. It is a multifunctional machine with weighing, packing, and sealing in a whole which is a very convenient and economical machine used in the rice mill production line

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The weighing function of this rice packing machine is used to weigh the rice with the user's need capacity and then pack them in a bag then the conveyor will convey them to be sealed. The whole process is automatically working, with no need for too much labor, very convenient.

Designs with a new controller with high precision, working stable, can display the total weight, a number of packages, and easy operation. Overweight warming and auto-diagnosis.  Wide packing range, and high precision, it can match well with a conveyor and sewing machine.  The product uses an imported sensor, pneumatic actuator, easy maintenance, and non-pollution. 

Application: This rice packing machine is widely used in different models of rice mill production lines, it can pack various models of capacity rice according to clients, also if the client wants to use it with a single rice mill machine, it can also work very fine. It is suitable for automatic quantitative packaging of materials with good fluidity (such as: rice, white sugar, feed, plastic pellets, etc.)

Automatic Rice Packing Machine Working Principle

DCS quantitative automatic packing scale contains two forms, double screw conveyor and single screw conveyor. A double screw conveyor is suitable for precise measuring and packing of large and medium yield packages, while a single screw conveyor is suitable for small and medium ones.

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Automatic Rice Packing Machine Features

1. DCS quantitative automatic packing scale adopts a special control instrument with excellent performance, strong anti-interference, and temperature drift performance, and has high precision, high stability, and long service life.

2. DCS quantitative automatic packing scale takes advantage of reasonable structure, beautiful shape, high speed, high measurement accuracy, and simple operation. Besides, the sealing machine can automatically cut wires.

3. This packing machine can be used to weigh and pack pellets, capsules, grains and wheat flour, rice, etc.

4. It is easily installed and operated.

5. This machine uses an imported pneumatic actuator which is reliable, non-polluting, and easy to be maintained.

6. The material of the touching part uses stainless steel, which is safe and sanitary, and not easy to erode.

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Automatic Rice Packing Machine Technical Parameter

For the rice packing machine of the rice mill plant, we have different models with different types to be suitable for different client's needs, also if clients have special requirements for the machines, we can customize them for you.

Range  (kg)10-50
Capacity (bags/h)180-450
Division (g)10
Consumption1.1kW、0.4-0.5MPa  16.7L/min
Environment and powerHumidity≤90%,4N-AC380V±10%  50HZ
dimension(mm)L×W×H 2740×864×2651