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ZQS Rice Destoner
This model destoner machine is not only a rice stone remove machine, but also a different grains destoner machine, which can remove the different stones out of the grain materials.  This destoner has larger capacity and easy to operate and use. 
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Rice Destoner Machine in Rice Mill Plant Introduction
This series gravity destoner is work according to the gravity principle, mainly used for cleaning wheat, paddy rice, soybeans, peanuts, rapeseed, rice materials. It can clean the materials inside impurities and different size stones out of them. Inside, this destoner machine also has the screen to separate different size impurities out from different outlets. It is usually used in rice processing plant.

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And for the destoner machine, it is cooperate with the cleaning screen used in the grain processing production line like the rice mill plant, flour mill production line, oil press production line, to work as the first and second steps for cleaning the inside impurities out of the materials then they can be dealt with the next steps. 

This model stone removing machine is a suction model machine. When it working, there is no spreading power and dust, large capacity working, easy to operate and use, fine firmness and durability, easy to removal and maintenance, etc.

Rice Destoner Machine in Rice Mill Plant Advantages
(1) Low noise
(2) Dust does not show up 
(3) Easy disassembly and assembly
(4) Sturdy and durable
(5) High capacity 
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Rice Destoner Machine in Rice Mill Plant Structure
(1) Suction wind inlet (2) Feed prot (3) Large impurities screen (4) Small impurities screen (5) Destoner screen (6) Discharge port (7) Larger impurities outlet (8) Small impurities screen (9) Stones outlet (10) Machine base
rice destoner structure-rice mill project
Rice Destoner Machine in Rice Mill Plant Details
(1) Upper screen: as the upper pre-separation screen
(2) Lower screen: as the lower to remove debris and sieve
(3) Strong wind: wind pressure and amplitude make material and sotne layer automatically
(4) Suction hood: good dust perfomance, reduce noise, good rock remove, and removal and mud removal
rice destoner details-rice mill project
Rice Destoner Machine in Rice Mill Plant Technical Parameter: 
For the gravity destoner machine, we have different models with different capacities to suitable for different clients needs, also if clients has their special requirements for the machines, we can customized for you. 

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Dimension(mm)
ZQS70 1300-1600 0.25*2 1500*1000*2100
ZQS80 1600-2200 0.25*2 1500*1100*2100
ZQS70 2200-3000 0.25*2 1500*1200*2100

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