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MLGT Rice Huller Machine

This rice huller machine is also called rice husker, or paddy husker, which is a rubber roller working rice processing machine. It usually used for removing the paddy rice outside husk out from the paddy in rice processing plant. With the help of a stack of rubber rollers that rotate at different speeds, the pressure of the roller is adjusted by pressing and pressing.

Rice Huller Machine In Rice Processing Plant Introduction

For the rice huller machine is mainly used for removing the paddy rice or millet outside husk, It is used for hulling rice, millet, and other grains in the rice processing plants

With the help of a stack of rubber rollers that rotate at different speeds, the pressure of the roller is adjusted by pressing and pressing. The speed and slow roll change adopt gearbox gear adjustment, which is easy to operate. The difference between the suspension speed of the rice husk and the rice husk is used to separate the rice husk and the rice husk by suction.

The rice huller machine used in all the rice mill production lines has a compact structure, easy to operate, and uses. 


MLGT Rubber-Roll Rice Husker Features

1. High hulling rate, low rate of crack; The machine adopts reasonable line speed difference and adjustable roller pressure, the hulling rate reached 90%, the breakdown rate is less than 5%, and remained stable in the production process.

2. Easy to use; Handle adjustment, rack rod positioning, feeding drip plate automatic alignment of the rolling distance, using transmission to achieve the speed of the roll swap.

3. Smooth running; The main rotating parts are strictly tested and have a stable operation, and a small vibration force.

4. Low roll consumption; Good ventilation and heat dissipation device, avoid overheating roller.

5. Husk separation effect is good, After the shelling, raw materials were through the aspirator, grain mixture was completely separated from the bran.

6. With double supporting construction, rubble roll is not apt to form a difference in roll end diameters, with steady performance.


MLGT Rubber-Roll Rice Husker Working Principle

The machine through a pair of oppositely rotating rollers of constant velocity, under a certain pressure on rice extrusion and rub tear, reaches the purpose of shelling. Then adopting the difference of the suspension speed of brown rice and rice husk, the brown rice is separated from the rice husk by absorbing the wind.


Technical Parameter of Rice Huller Machine

For the rice huller machine, we have different models with different capacities to be suitable for different clients' needs, also if clients have special requirements for the machines, we can customize them for you. 

Roller speed-length (mm)254254358508
Roller size(mm)Ø255Ø255Ø225Ø255