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25T/D Modern Rice Mill Plant
This 25T Modern Rice Mill Plant is our new design automatic mini rice mill. It is based on the mini rice mill production line and clients' feedback, add one combined destoner cleaner machine as a whole, which has high working efficiency and good working standard. All the rice mill plant is can be customized according to your need.
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25T/D Rice Mill Plant Introduction
This MTCP-25 modern model Rice Mill Plant is our new design automatic mini rice mill. With our engineer’s new technical skills, for the destoner machine make it combined with cleaner and destoner function in a whole, to clean the paddy and then remove the inside stones, then cooperate work with rice huller machine, paddy rice separator, rice mill machine, rice grader machine, for the rice polisher machine, color sorter machine, packing machine can be added according to clients’ needs.

small rice mill production line price-hongjiamachinery
With 25ton per day capacity, for other details we can also make and customized for your needs. Compact structure, automatic working, easy to operate, and maintain.

small rice mill production line -hongjiamachinery small rice mill production line cost-hongjiamachinery

25T/D Rice Mill Plant Structure
(1)paddy rice separator (2) elevator (3) combined cleaner destoner machine (4) rice huller (5) rice mill machine  (6) white rice grade machine (7) feed hopper

small rice mill production line structure-hongjiamachinery
 Each Rice Processing Machines Function in Rice Mill Plant:
(1) The feed hopper: used to feeding the paddy rice into the destoner which to keep other machines work. If to reduce the labor force, can use a grain suction machine. 
(2) Rice destoner: to remove the stone and impurity from paddy rice, which can guarantee the machine work safely. 
(3) Rice huller: to remove the husk from paddy rice, then get brown rice. it is a rubber roller, which with low broken rice, high hulling rate. 
(4) Rice husk separator: to separate the brown rice hulled well from paddy rice not hulled. well hulled brown rice into rice mill machine. not hulled paddy rice can be returned to rice huller for hulling once more. 
(5) Rice mill machine: sand rollers, to make the brown rice more white. with a low broken rate, high yielding rate. 
(6) Rice grader machine: to separate the broken rice from the good rice. which makes the white rice good appearance. 

Rice Milling Process Flow Chart

The auto rice mill plant can process paddy into national standard rice just in one process at the following flow chart. Paddy Cleaning-Destoning-Paddy Husking-Husk Separating-Rice Milling-Color Sorting-Rice Grading-Rice Packing.

25T rice milling machine

25T/D Rice Mill Plant Technical Parameter
For the rice mill plant, we have different models with different capacities to suitable for your different needs, also if clients have their special requirements for the machines, we can customize for you. 

Model MTCP-25
Capacity 25ton/day 1100-1350kg/h
Power 58kw
Dimension 8000*3000*4500mm

25T/D Rice Mill Plant Working Video


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