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Parboiled Rice Mill Plant
Our turnkey parboiled rice mill plant can help you from paddy to bagging, including paddy intake, paddy cleaning, paddy parboiling, color sorting, etc
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Parboiled Rice Mill Plant / Parboiled Rice Mill Project Introduction

Parboiled rice is one of rice which partially boiled with the husk. Parboiling consists of three basic steps: soaking, steaming and drying. These steps make rice easier to process, while improving its nutritional content and changing its texture. About 50% of the world’s paddy production is parboiled. The treatment is practiced in many parts of the world such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Guinea, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Nigeria, Senegal, Thailand, Switzerland, USA and France etc.

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HONGJIA offers a comprehensive turnkey project- modern parboiled rice mill plant– from paddy intake to bagging and on-site services worldwide. Including paddy intake, paddy cleaning, (paddy parboiling) paddy drying system, paddy storage, paddy/rice conveying, destoning, husking, paddy separating, whitening/polishing, grading, silky/mist polishing, rice cooling, color sorting, packaging/bagging etc.

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Parboiled Rice Mill Plant Turnkey Solution Covers the Following Stages:

Stage 1  Design of The Parboiled Rice Mill Plant
Stage 2  Implementation of The Parboiled Rice Mill Plant
Stage 3 Debugging of The Biomass Parboiled Rice Milling Plant
Stage 4 Service & Operation Support of Parboiled Rice Mill

Value-added Services:

1.Provide a feasibility report of modern parboiled rice project
2.Offer investment advice and calculation of the return on investment
3. Professional and targeted one-to-one design
4. Production and use training

HONGJIA Turnkey Modern Parboiled Rice Mill Project can Benefit Users in the Following Ways:
1.Reduction of waste and resource duplication thereby saving investment
2.Integrated intelligent control
3.Less energy consumption and greater productivity
4.Rapid installation and starting-up, significantly reducing the construction period of the parboiled rice mill
5.Reduction of the risk of incorrect installation
6.Ensuring project quality
7.Reduction of the maintenance needs, hence user-friendly

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1.Steel Workshop & Workshop Installation & Foundation Works & LED Lamps & Switch
2. Rice Processing Plant & Installation
3.Paddy Storage & Wet Paddy & Husk Steel Silos & Installation
4.Parboiling System & Installation
5.Generator & Installation
6.Well Water Processing System & Installation.
7.Movable Conveyors, Diesel Generator Set of Plant, Grain Scraper, Portable House
8.Geological Prospecting Works
9.Plastic Bags & Woven Bags of Rice
10.Shipping of Rice Machinery & Tools

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As an Owner of the par-boiling rice processing plant, you will consider the following questions:
1.My existing parboiling rice processing factory is too old, the machine performance is unstable, how to upgrade it?
2.My milled rice contained too many broken rice, how to reduce the broken rice ratio?
3.There are too many stones in my parboiled milled rice, How can I remove them?
4.The power supply of my parboiling rice processing unit is unstable. The parboiling rice processing unit is driven by diesel electric power which costs me a lot of money every month. what should I do?
5.My parboiling rice processing factory costs too much electricity, what should I do?
6.The customers think my finished parboiled rice of low quality & with many impurities how to improve my parboiled rice’s quality?

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As a New Investor in parboiled/steam/boiled rice processing plant, you will also take the following questions into account: to make parboiled or converted rice?
2.How can I establish or set up a  parboiling rice processing factory?
3.How much does it cost to invest in a complete rice mill rice processing plant?
4.I want to establish an automatic parboiling rice processing factory and export my parboiled rice to other countries, how could I meet the export standard?
5.How to make profits from par-boiling rice milling business?
6.How much land does a parboiling rice mill plant occupy?
7.I want to establish a parboiling processing line, who could install and maintain this parboiling rice processing line?
8.How long does it take to build a modern complete parboiling rice processing factory?
9.When can I make profits after the steam rice processing project is completed? How much profit does steam rice factory make per year? How long does it take to recoup my investment in steamed rice processing project?

For all the above problems, HONGJIA will provide you with a complete solution, including design, production, on-site installation, commissioning, training, etc. In short, HONGJIA can provide professional one-to-one solutions for each customer's different needs. Welcome to consult!

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