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40T/D Rice Mill Plant for Matania Customers


We have many customers for rice milling plant. Therefore, we know the needs of customers for rice mill plants very well, and our customers have given us very satisfied recognition of our services. This week, A very friendly Matania customer came to visit our factory and discussed the specific details of the 40T/D rice mill machine. After the customer came to our factory, he saw a clean and tidy production workshop with an orderly work order. The sample workshop gave the customer a complete display and was very satisfied. After the test machine, the customer immediately signed a contract with us and expressed their willingness to cooperate for a long time.


MCTP-40 whole set Rice Mill Plant, is one of the modern rice mill machinery. It contains a dust catcher, cleaning destoner machine, rice huller, paddy rice separator machine, rice mill machine, rice polisher, rice color sorter machine, rice grader machine, and rice color sorter machine.

This rice mill machinery has the advantages of advanced technical skills, compact structure, high outlet, etc. It is an ideal choice for the medium grain processing enterprise. With a control box to make automatic operation and working, easy to work and convenient to maintain. 


40TPD Rice Mill Plant Features
(1) Energy Saving and Environmental Protection
(2) Strong sturdy and stable
(3) Easy Maintenance
(4) Low Breakage

40TPD Rice Mill Plant Structure
(1) Elevator maintenance platform (2) Elevator (3) Rice Destoner (3) Rice Color Sorter (4) Rice Grader (5) Rice Mill Machine (6) Control Box (7) Rice Huller Machine (8) Paddy Rice Separator Machine


Hongjia Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. Established in the year 2000, it is a professional manufacturer and exporter of rice mill machine, rice processing machines, rice mill plant, rice mill production lines, and parboiled rice mill plants. We can provide a unique overall layout design of the rice milling machine production line, customized rice milling machine products, and installation services according to different needs of customers and site conditions. It integrates technology, manufacturing, and sales together.

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