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25ton Rice Mill Plant for Our Russia Client


Our this Russian client is a sales agent in his country for color sorter and packing machines, they are very professional in these parts, from the rice mill machine installation testing, and the machine operating, we even saw them join their local exhibition with these two machines, business is very busy. Just also because of this, they want to extend their business by adding more products, so they want to take one set of our rice mill plants, they want to build cooperation with us for this business, so they searched several factories and then chose our’ rice milling machines


The first time this client came to find our sales, and gave us their company catalog, our sales thought they were coming to make ads, then not pay more attention, while they said they really want to take one set of automatic rice mill plants, then talk with our sales the rice mill production line inside processing machines, they want the rice mill plants to do the rice mill working with high efficiency, asked we sent the machine working video to them, then asked to send to them the pictures to confirm, after checked these they feel machines working is no problem, they start to ask us about the color sorter and packing machine, because they know this more professional, after confirmed we are saying the same points according to their needs, then started to confirm with us the other rice processing machines. 


They said they do not want to make our elevators height too high, because factory site height is limited, also because of this reason, they want us to manufacture the whole rice mill plants working platform, this will help them save space, and make more convenient work during their later operations and maintenance for the machines. Then they confirmed with us about the dust collection parts, because they have strict requirements about these parts, want to build a cleaning and comfortable working environment, so we showed to them our machines dust collection parts, and tell them how to build their plants installation, and also how to make their working environment cleaning, clients feel ok for our advice, they want to directly like our sayings. 


After this, they made themselves word files for us according to their engineers' questions one by one according to different machines, the client said this way can make their final confirmation, and do not want to make any misunderstanding, so we said this is no problem, confirmed all the details with them again in the files, and then the client asked for an invoice said to sign the contract and then they can send to their accountant to arrange the deposit payment, we made the invoice for them, then soon got client bank slip. After this, clients said they want to prepare their warehouse in advance, and asked us to confirm the space area for them, our engineer made an installation drawing for them, and tell them to build their warehouse according to this is ok, about the installation, they have their engineers who know how to do it, if any needs from us, also we can do for them.


This client this time ordered our automatic complete 25ton per day rice mill plants, containing rice cleaner destone, rice huller, paddy rice separator, rice mill whitener, rice color sorter, rice grader, or rice packing machine, they do not need the rice polisher machine, said that machine not suitable for their country, then others keep for them is ok, we promise the machine quality for them, and also want they can use our machine soon, because we want to build long time cooperation with them, if they also like our machines, can invite them to be our agent in their country, they can sell our machines in their country also can build their own business. This 25ton model rice mill plant is a small rice mill production line, if some clients who want to start the rice mill business but do not want to make too much investment, can take this one, very economical, we can manufacture rice mill plants from 15ton per day to 200ton per day, even smaller capacity or larger capacity can be customized in special requirements, the clients can choose according to different needs. 


Hongjia Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. Established in the year 2000, it is a professional manufacturer and exporter of rice mill machine, rice processing machines, rice mill plant, rice mill production line, and parboiled rice mill plant. We can provide unique overall layout design of rice milling machine production line, customized rice milling machine products and installation services according to different needs of customers and site conditions. It integrates technology, manufacturing and sales together.
If you want to start your rice mill plant business or build your own rice mill farm, welcome to contact us for getting more information, we can make different capacity rice milling machines and details can be customized according to your special requirements.  
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