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BRAINFIELD AGRO LIMITED Upgrades Rice Mill Production Line in Nigeria


Success Story: The Upgrade of Rice Milling Production Line by BRAINFIELD AGRO LIMITED in Nigeria

In 2022, Zhengzhou Hongjia Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. collaborated with Nigeria's BRAINFIELD AGRO LIMITED to provide an advanced 25T/D rice milling production line. This production line includes essential equipment such as a destoner, husker, paddy separator, iron roller rice mill, white rice grader, color sorter, packaging machine, and all necessary accessories and connecting parts. This collaboration not only signifies a major technological upgrade for Nigeria's grain processing industry but also showcases the deep cooperation between China and Nigeria in agricultural mechanization.

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Background and Process of Cooperation

BRAINFIELD AGRO LIMITED is an agricultural enterprise focused on producing Ofada rice, aiming to promote this locally distinctive rice variety nationwide and internationally. In 2022, the company's management, upon recommendation from their Chinese friends, visited China to inspect several agricultural machinery manufacturers' factories. Ultimately, they were impressed by our factory's advanced technology and strong production capabilities and decided to purchase a complete 25T/D rice milling production line.

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During the equipment selection and procurement process, the Chinese manufacturer provided comprehensive technical support and detailed equipment information. The equipment was adjusted and optimized according to the specific needs of BRAINFIELD AGRO LIMITED. Through multiple communications and on-site inspections, both parties reached an equipment purchase agreement in a friendly and open atmosphere. After the equipment was shipped to Nigeria, the Chinese side dispatched a professional technical team for installation and commissioning to ensure the equipment was smoothly put into production.

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Effects After Equipment Implementation

BRAINFIELD AGRO LIMITED's Chief Operating Officer, Abayomi Oladipo, stated, "Our company's mission is to create a unique market for Ofada rice production and sales in Oyo State and expand to international markets. We currently have the largest rice milling production line in the entire Southwest region, with an annual production capacity of 9,000 tons."

The introduction of new equipment has significantly enhanced BRAINFIELD AGRO LIMITED's production efficiency and improved rice quality. Specifically:

Improved Production Efficiency: The introduction of new equipment has increased the company's annual production capacity to 9,000 tons.

Enhanced Product Quality: Efficient destoners and color sorters ensure the purity and quality of rice grains, meeting the demands of the high-end market.

Increased Economic Benefits: The improvement in production efficiency and product quality has gradually expanded the company's market share and significantly increased sales.

Job Creation: As the production scale expanded, the company hired more local employees, providing more job opportunities for the community.

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Exhibitions and Market Expansion

In the 2023 Nigerian exhibition, which our company participated in, BRAINFIELD AGRO LIMITED also actively participated, attracting a large number of visitors and potential customers. During the exhibition, the company showcased its advanced production processes and high-quality products, receiving unanimous praise from industry peers and customers. After the exhibition, the company organized multiple on-site visits, allowing potential customers to witness their production capabilities and management levels firsthand, further enhancing customer trust and willingness to cooperate.

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Prospects for Sustainable Development

BRAINFIELD AGRO LIMITED is a subsidiary of Brainfield Consult Limited, chaired by Olukayode Ajala. The company's future strategic goal is to continuously improve production technology, expand production scale, and explore broader markets. The company plans to maintain close cooperation with Chinese agricultural machinery manufacturers, introduce more advanced equipment, and promote the modernization process of local agriculture.

Abayomi Oladipo concluded, "Through this cooperation, we have not only enhanced our production capacity but also contributed to local economic development. We look forward to more similar cooperation opportunities in the future to jointly promote the development of agriculture in Nigeria."

This success story fully demonstrates the great potential and broad prospects of cooperation between China and Nigeria in the agricultural sector, providing valuable experience and reference for the agricultural modernization of other developing countries.

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