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Hot Sale Rice Mill Plant Packing and Shipping


Rice mill machine

Rice mill plant

Rice processing machine

Rice milling equipment

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Auto rice mill machine Bangladesh......

Hongjia Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. Established in the year 2000, we are a professional manufacturer and exporter of turnkey 10-500T/D rice mill machine, rice processing machines, rice mill plant, auto rice mills, rice milling equipment, and parboiled rice mill plant. All the products can be designed according to your different needs.

We have a professional technical team, that can provide a unique overall layout design for the rice milling machine production line, customized rice milling machine products and installation services according to the different needs of customers and site conditions. It integrates technology, manufacturing, and sales together.

After about 20 years of development, Hongjia Machinery has developed into the most reliable partner in the rice milling machine industry. You can buy all kinds of rice milling production lines, rice milling machines, rice polishers, rice color sorters, etc from us. Given your needs, we will definitely make a satisfactory solution plan for you. 

All products have ready, waiting for packaging

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rice_processing_machine_packing_shipping (2)
rice_processing_machine_packing_shipping (4)
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We have sent our rice mills to Nigeria, Mauritania, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali, Colombia, Senegal, Gambia, Sudan, Philippines, Indonesia, and many other countries, and have been widely praised by customers. We firmly believe that technology and quality are of vital importance to enterprises. Relying on strong scientific strength, advanced production tools, diligence, and a serious attitude can make a manufacturing company develop long-term and achieve success.

We have packed the rice mill machine with the protect film inner and water-repellent plastic outside.

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Rice Mill Plant Packing and Delivery
For safety transportation purposes, we use standard exporting packing for all the machines.

We will pack the rice mill plant with the protective film inner and water-repellent plastic outside.

The wood packing is necessary if send in less than a container.

The rice mill plant will be fixed by steel rope in the container.  Make sure it is in good condition when arriving at the destination.

The wooden protection frame is ready

rice_processing_machine_packing_shipping (6)

Wooden packing

rice_processing_machine_packing_shipping (7)

Loading and delivery

rice_processing_machine_packing_shipping (1)

Are You Ready to Start a Rice Milling Business, We Are a Professional Manufacturer of Rice Milling Machines? We Can Provide Professional Design and Comprehensive Guidance According to Your Needs. Get in touch with us.
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