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Rice Mill Industry Analysis in Sri Lanka


Overview of rice cultivation in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island country in South Asia, with India in the northwest and Maldives in the southwest. For a long time, rice has been the staple food of Sri Lankans. It is estimated that more than 1 million hectares of land are used to grow rice. Nearly 1.8 million peasant families are engaged in rice cultivation in Sri Lanka, producing about 2.8 million tons of rice (brown rice) annually.

According to statistics, in Sri Lanka, the consumption composition of rice is about 60% of long-grain white rice, 30% of short-grain white rice, and the remaining 10% of semi-ripe "red" rice and other local varieties. Rice occupies a very important position in the lives of Sri Lankans.

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The Rice Milling Industry Analysis in Sri Lanka
Rice is a staple food for half of the world's population. Sri Lanka produces about 2.8 million tons of rice (brown rice) annually. Rice processing is the country’s largest agricultural industry, and its production value is higher than any other industry. There are about 70,000 rice processing plants in Sri Lanka. However, Sri Lanka's rice processing technology is still relatively backward. Only more than 42% (about 2940) of rice processing plants belong to semi-modern modern rice factories. The processing equipment of its production is more backward.

1. Milling and quality improvement in rice
With the implementation of the market economy, consumers are increasingly demanding quality products. Therefore, like most countries, Sri Lanka is increasingly important for improving the quality of rice. From the above, there is an urgent need to reduce the production cost of rice and improve the quality of rice produced locally. It can be carried out from the following three aspects. First, we must improve the quality of rice used for rice milling. Second, we must improve rice milling technology. Finally, we should run a rice grading system in the country.

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(1) Improve rice harvesting technology

Studies have shown that approximately 75% of the paddy coming in for milling is of poor quality, falling into the category of Grade 3 or below of the Sri Lanka Standards for paddy with a high degree of moisture; foreign matter; immature and unfilled grains; damaged/discolored grains; and type admixture.

(2) Improvement of rice milling techniques
There are two main forms of rice milling in Sri Lanka. One is milling rice belonging to farmers, and the other is milling rice purchased from growers for sale on the market. Rice mills used in mills used to mill farmers' rice are all traditional sheller types. Rice mills used for commercial rice milling can be divided into three main types, namely traditional, semi-modern and modern. In the traditional rice milling machine, the peeling and polishing operations are performed by one or more steel peeling and shelling machines, while in the semi-modern rice, the peeling is performed by a rubber roller shelling machine, and the polishing of the rice It is carried out by one or more steel shelling machines. In modern rice milling machines, each rice milling step is completed by a separate special machine, such as a rice cleaning machine, a rice machine, a rice hulling machine, a rice milling machine, a rice polishing machine, a rice classifier, a Rice color sorting machine, rice packing machine, etc. The modernized rice milling machine can realize fully automated production, and the rice produced at a higher level is more suitable for the modern rice processing industry.

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(3). Improvement of intrinsic quality characteristics of rice
Certain inherent characteristics of rice that have a marked influence on processing and market qualities are grain size and shape, appearance, resistance to breakage during milling, and storability.
A. Grain size and shape
B. Grain translucency
C.Milling qualities

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