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What To Pay Attention in the Production Process of Rice Mill


The working process of a complete set of rice processing equipment is to produce paddy for rice. The complete set of rice processing equipment produced by our company has a high degree of braking and is easy to operate, which saves users a lot of time and energy. And it has been recognized by old customers in many parts of the country.

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For rice processing manufacturers, the safe operation of rice milling machinery is very important. If there is a problem with the processing equipment during operation, production will be affected. When producing rice, the rice processing factory selects the appropriate processing equipment according to the production requirements of its factory. At present, rice processing equipment ranges from 10 tons to 500 tons. So what are the precautions in the production of rice processing equipment?

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 In the production process, we must first pay attention to safety and then choose high-quality processing equipment. We must be proficient in the operation of rice processing equipment and regularly check and maintain the processing equipment to ensure that the equipment does not have problems during the production of rice. 
First, Choosing high-quality processing equipment can ensure safety in use and operation. Such rice equipment has a relatively long service life and is simple and convenient to operate and maintain. It can guarantee continuous operation, balanced production, processing performance, and product quality realize a reasonable economic scale, meet process and technical requirements, and reasonable matching between equipment and equipment.

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Second, In the process of processing, it is also necessary to always pay attention to food hygiene, food quality, food nutrition, and other related aspects. To ensure the normal operation of the production line, safety and sanitation, energy-saving, and convenient maintenance, the superiority, rationality, and reliability of the entire production line are guaranteed.


Third, Good maintenance of the equipment can also make it have a longer life, and save production costs, and the bearings can make the machine run more smoothly. In the production process, bearing replacement is indispensable. In the continuous operation process, the bearings of the rice equipment will wear out, which has relatively hidden dangers to the work of the processing equipment.

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 Fourth, we must pay attention to the mechanical safety and production safety of rice equipment, master the operation skills of rice equipment, standardize operation techniques, and be aware of possible failures that will simply eliminate and repair work. Regularly repair the processing machinery to reduce the possible risks of the equipment to a minimum.
The Solution to the Sudden Shutdown of Rice Processing Equipment
Analyze the reason: first check whether there is electricity elsewhere in the rice processing equipment. If there is no electricity, it means a large-scale blackout. If there is electricity in other places, the transformer in the meter box may be burned out.
Solution: Focus on checking the transformer in the meter box, the transformer in the meter box is burned out. To ensure safety, the operator first took power outages and electrical inspection measures. When all safety measures were prepared, the metering operator replaced the burned-out transformer, and the power failure was usually eliminated in less than half an hour. After closing the switch, the operator first went to the power processing room to test the rice processing equipment, hoist, and vibrating screen respectively and found that everything was normal and the solution was completed.

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 Other things to note:
Do a good job of checking and protecting the motor of the complete set of rice milling equipment, disassembling and protecting the motor, cleaning or replacing the equipment motor bearing, monitoring the insulation, improving the cooling system, etc., to ensure that the motor is in good condition. Correctly operate various procedures to avoid hidden dangers of various human incidents, improve the operating quality of the repaired motor, and ensure the normal operation of the control system.
When using a complete set of rice milling equipment, please regularly check whether the fixing nut of the movable chainring is loose and whether all fasteners are loose, especially, check the processing equipment to fix the screws in the sprocket, and correctly inject lubricating oil before starting work, Increase the number of refueling for continuous operation. After cleaning the spindle bearing cavity, the protection and processing equipment needs to be replaced with a new lubricant.
For our Hongjia company, not only must the rice processing factory produce high-quality food; but at the same time, it must also increase the service life of the equipment, and the operation and maintenance are simple and convenient. Minimize the maintenance time of rice equipment, reduce the long-term operating costs of manufacturers, and do a good job of after-sales service. Only in this way can we ensure the overall quality of rice processing equipment, reduce costs as much as possible, and produce simple and efficient mechanical equipment. Only in this way can the overall level of the entire rice processing equipment industry be improved.

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