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What Is a Grain Drying Machine?


What is A Rice Grain Drying Machine?
The grain dryer can be used alone. Many grains can be dried on the same equipment to meet the drying needs of different grains. It can dry feed grain, commercial grain, and seed grain to improve the utilization rate and reduce the drying time of the equipment. The grain drying equipment is very suitable for grain processing plants, farms, grain stations, grain farmers, cooperatives, grain depots, grain, and oil processing plants, and other user groups.

The drying of rice is different from that of other grains. Rice is a heat-sensitive crop. Too fast drying speed or improper parameter selection can easily lead to a burst waist. The so-called burst waist refers to the microscopic cracks on the surface of the grains after drying or cooling, which will directly affect the broken rice rate when the rice is milled, thereby affecting the rice yield rate of the rice, and also directly affecting its output and economic value.

The tower grain dryer is suitable for rice, wheat, mung bean, sorghum, soybean, and other grains. This grain dryer uses hot air as the drying medium and adopts a circulating drying design to save energy. Moreover, it is equipped with an automatic temperature and moisture detection controller to avoid over-baking and ensure the quality of grains.

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The Rice Grain Dryer Date
Model: 5H-15
Structure: Batch-type circulating
Capacity:15ton per batch
Total weight: 3000kg
Dimension: 4320*2492*10090mm
Rated air flow:6677-13353m3/h
Fuel: Rice hull/firewood/straw/anthracite
Fuel consumption(rice hull):30-40kg/h
Total power: 15kw
Loading time:50-70min
Unloading time:50-70min
Drying rate:0.5-0.7%/h
Safety device: Grain temperature sensor, fault alarm, full load buzzer, over-temperature alarm,thermal-over relay, hot air temperature sensor, overload protection device, leakage protection device
Standard device: Online moisture monitor, conveying system, unloading system, drying system, tempering system. Elevator, exhaust fan in low noise, automatic control system

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Our Rice Grain Dryer Structure
First, put grain into the dryer in batches then circulate orderly by the interaction of electric parts and structural parts. the hot air from the husk burner gets into the Mixed-flow type structure layer across two electric fans. The air flows and takes off some grain moisture. the exhaust gas is excluded from the machine by the exhaust fan. when the grain moisture reaches the set value. The dryer will stop working.

Second, the stove equipped with the grain dryer is an energy-saving and environment-friendly stove. The stove supplies heat to indirectly dry the grain. During the drying work, the grain continuously circulates and the grain rubs against each other. The awns, velvet hair, etc. on the surface of the grain are removed, and the dust and some destoner are removed from the machine and let the dry grain cleaner. The production cost of a grain dryer is low. The supporting drying oven can use coal, natural gas, and such rice husk, corn broken shaft, wood foot, and so on as the dry heat source, dry Low cost, energy-saving, and environmentally protection.

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Main Features of Our Drying Machine
1. Advanced batch type and low- temperature circulation
 Drying technology in counterflow Improves the drying
speed and quality efficiently
2. Updated unloading structure design Avoid blocking, leakage, and grain remaining efficiently and ensure customers' earnings
3. The quality of the dried grain, is better than the national standard ( JB/T10268) It's proved that the crack rate is less than 3% and the grinding rate is less than 0.5%, which are both superior to the national standard.
4. Before drying the grain need to be cleaned
5. Wide applied range Widely used for drying paddy, wheat, corn, rapeseed, and other seeds.

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Advantages of Our Grain Drying Machine
The professional dryer specially developed and designed for high-quality small packaging can create the highest profit for you
A forced dispersion device and multiple rotary valves are used for quantitative feeding and circulation so that the seeds and grains can be dried evenly
3. Using a large screw feeder, large plastic steel ladle, stainless steel mesh plate, long-term use
4. High-efficiency exhaust fan, fully open drying layer, fast drying speed, and high efficiency. The heat source can choose fuel oil, and can also choose the equipped combustion furnace.
The combustion furnace uses waste biomass materials such as coal, bran, wood, or other rice husks as fuel. After burning, it is dried by heat transfer. It does not pollute the grains. It is an excellent and low-cost environmental protection equipment. 

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